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HVAC Design

What we do:

We provide the designs and calculations required for building permit applications. these include Heat Loss and Heat Gain Load, duct Design Drawings and Ventilation Reports. 

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Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculation

Heat loss and gain calculations include examining the above-grade and below-grade heat loss and heat gain, air leakage and ventilation. It also includes the influence of people, appliances, windows and window shading on the system.


Duct Design and Drawings

Duct design and drawings need to conform to the Ontario Building Code, HRAI and ASHRAE standards.


Ventilation Design Summary

A Ventilation Design Summary is needed for your building permit application


HRV Design

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) is an energy recovery ventilation system. These systems include equipment such as a heat recovery ventilator, heat-air exchanger, or air-to-air heat exchanger. The amendments to the Ontario Building Code now require HRVs in all new home builds, and some renovation projects.

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